Vice President, Strategy and Chief Technology Officer, IP and Optical Networks, Nokia

In his leadership role at Nokia, Steve is responsible for looking at the road ahead and determining which new projects and emerging markets the company should consider for investing its resources.

Steve spends his time analyzing the current state of the marketplace and identifying emerging trends, products, and opportunities. Relying on a background that includes more than 20 years of experience in the telecom and networking industries, he helps develop road maps for the company so it can seize the opportunities that are a best fit. Some of his key successes in this role include driving Nokia’s investments in Packet Core and CDN technology, as well as being an early advisor on the company’s work in NFV and SDN.

Before joining Nokia, Steve served as vice president of marketing for ECI Telecom’s Data Networking Division following ECI’s acquisition of Laurel Networks, which he co-founded. Prior to Laurel, he started his career serving in multiple roles with FORE Systems, including systems engineering, product management, and strategic marketing.